Technical Services

Colin Gutierrez is the Service Manager at Comcater CCE, which is one of Australia's largest distributors of kitchen equipment with a network of associated sales and service agents throughout Australia. Comcater handles the top brand names in kitchen equipment supporting many of our hospital kitchens, fast food chains and restaurants.

Colin Gutierrez with a service technicianWe asked Colin whether he had been able to meet Comcater's requirement to provide the best after-sales service in the industry, using our Product Support System in his Technical Services Centre, and this was what he said:

"Yes I believe so. Comcater is part of a large team effort in the delivery of after-sales service to its customers. We play a central role in coordinating services for our customers and in helping our suppliers to improve their product and service offering. We couldn't do this without having the best systems in place.

Wired up and jacked in to the Product Support System

"Recently I received a very nice comment made by one of our suppliers in Germany. They said that 'the data Comcater is able to supply them on the service history of the equipment is the best they get from any where else in the world'. This is only possible because of the service package we are using."

Well Colin, perhaps it says a lot more about the discipline and hard work of your team as they keep the database accurate and up to date.

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