Software Development

Stiearc Systems Pty Ltd offers services to organisations in need of software development. Projects that address specific business or organisational needs, that are not suited to off-the-shelf products. We have the right technology to deliver a comprehensive software solution to meet these requirements. Stiearc Systems Pty Ltd has the experience, aptitude and insight to deliver the solution that is right for you.

Very often, industry-standard software packages impose changes to business procedures. These procedural changes often far outweigh the software cost. Changing how you operate may require re-training of staff and compromise other systems already in operation. Off the shelf software may also undermine the competitive advantage that your own methods provide. These procedures are valuable, they must be protected and nourished. If you are looking for a way to amalgamate these procedures into a comprehensive business information system please consider us. We have a firm understanding of systems design and a desire to listen to what you want from your system.

Stiearc has a great track record of successfully working with corporate IT departments to meet roll-out and tech-refresh schedules. Our software is compatible with two database engines, Microsoft SQL Server and Sybase SQL Anywhere. We have developed a proprietary model-driven architecture compliant with the Microsoft Windows 32-bit operating environment. These models are designed to assist our programming development initiatives. They have evolved since 1994. Consequently, we develop functional and flexible software with a light footprint on hardware resources every time. Our toolkit enables us to develop rapidly and offer our customers opportunities to see a working model form.

If you are interested in designing software for your organisation, please contact us.

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