Joint Ventures

Stiearc is actively seeking Joint Venture partners that leverage the special skill-sets and technologies we have to offer. Joint Ventures are very enabling and open up opportunities that would otherwise not be possible. What is a good joint venture for Stiearc?

Centrique Pty Ltd

Centrique LogoCentrique Pty Ltd provides high performing planning software for use over the internet by business consultants in support of their clients or by business people who need to analyse the impact of their plans. Centrique and Stiearc entered into a joint venture the first stage of which was to develop Action Planning (Patented). Action Planning has been designed to support the planning of any proposed change helping the user to measure the impact of that change.

action planning software in box

Any software developed with the Gensol technology is inherently flexible. But when software is to be used by small businesses and large in any market or industry sector by consultants and planning personnel who demand the best, this requires extreme flexibility and power. Centrique products and services are currently available.

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