Gowans & Son Pty Ltd

A fourth generation, family owned printing company situated in Chipping Norton, Sydney, implements the Gensol Commercial Printer System.

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Gowans has built an enviable reputation for being very efficient and achieving the highest quality in print service delivery, using the best facilities and employing a highly skilled and motivated team. In pre-press it operates a complete PDF workflow. In production, it uses single and multi colour presses which can handle sheet sizes up to 740mm x 520mm. It has letterpress machinery for scoring and die cutting and the finishing department has all the modern equipment to complement the printing processes.

Print machineDespite this the company’s aging Job Cost, Estimating and Control System was no longer supported and it became clear to both Andrew and David Gowans that they needed to advance:

"The system we used for so many years had become the backbone to our operations. The data files held the company’s most valuable information, tracking back for a very long time. We felt it important to secure this data so the prospect of moving to a new system and losing all our data was unacceptable. We wanted to use a more efficient quoting system that would enable us to prepare and email a quotation very quickly. With better access to data we knew we could achieve even faster shop floor turnaround times without compromising on quality.

"Stiearc has been very helpful. They were able to extract our data and to understand our needs. They came up with system we wanted, that was flexible enough to change as we change. We are really very happy with the outcome."

-David Gowans, Gowans & Son Pty Ltd

Products availableFrom business stationery and brochures through to books, magazines & posters. Gowans & Son offer a wide range of services to cater for all of your printing needs. Click here for more details.

Visit: https://www.gowansprint.com

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