Gensol SOA

Gensol SOA is Stiearc’s service oriented architecture (SOA) that provides the backbone or infrastructure to all of our managed outsource services and also our web-based ASP services.

At the core of this architecture is our Service Management System that incorporates Contract Management, Call Management, Activity Reporting and Billing.

Gensol Service Oriented Architecture

As we add new services, these modules loosely couple to the central Service Management System. As a result it is relatively easy for new services to be brought on-stream. For example, as our joint venture partner Centrique Pty Ltd develops more ‘Agents of Change’ services within the Centrique Planning portfolio and we include them in the Shorcast consultancy product range, they are easily connected and brought on-line. Similarly, as Stiearc develops and launches more components in its Payrun Payroll Outsource Services business they are simply hooked up to the core and made available immediately.

This facility enables us to offer to bring a service on-line knowing that the central house-keeping functions are working fine and providing all the management control functions we need.

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