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Stiearc has been developing software for handheld computers since the late 1980's. Today, rugged, radio frequency, and specialist handheld devices must compete with mainstream hardware like the HP ipaq and similar devices from Symbol Technologies. PDA's are visually attractive, they are slim, light and slick and are much more ergonomic than the earlier style of hand held computer. Software is driven by touchscreen and visual cues. Various add-on's are available to protect the PDA. Barcode scanners are available too. Today's wireless transmission standards, like Bluetooth or IEEE 802.11b, further extend their function. Stiearc, however, continues to support systems utilizing legacy hardware, the older 'brick' style terminals, but is actively developing for the PDA.

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There are a few rugged PDA's available on the market. The PPT 8800 Series from Symbol Technologies is one in particular that has caught our eye. It has been rigorously drop tested and built to withstand extreme temperatures. Great battery options are available and with 802.11b wireless connectivity and Symbol technologies famous barcode scanner built in we can't complain. Better integrated than a mainstream consumer PDA the Portable Data Terminal 8800 series is a fusion of old and new technologies. Variations of this PDA sport keypads of different sizes and with different integrated features.

Example Mobile Solutions ScreenUsing the Gensol PDA Toolkit, Stiearc is able to configure the business logic and visual displays for each of these Windows operating environments.

All Gensol PDA Solutions incorporate the Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio database technology, bundled-in at no extra cost.

Our experience in handheld system design and workplace implementation of mobile solutions dates back a fair way. From reading meters to tracking car parts to wool bales to mortgage loans to evidence exhibits, we've put mobile solutions into more diverse work environments than most. But the subject 'Mobile Computing' is changing rapidly and as the new PDA architecture is adopted and used in the business environment we face new demands and new challenges.

If you would like to discover more about the development and re-configuration toolkits that are used by Stiearc, please contact us to learn about Gensol or if you have a project that you would like to discuss.

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