About Stiearc Systems Pty Ltd

Stiearc Systems Pty Ltd (ABN 22 005 997 179) is an Australian owned limited liability company based in Sydney. Trading since April 1982 as a software house, Stiearc develops and implements software applications. Our customers are encouraged to leverage the extreme flexibility of these software solutions.

Recognised as a leading software engineering firm, Stiearc is actively engaged in the following:

Our methodologies enable us to deliver a perfect solution to a big problem very quickly and efficiently. More importantly, they allow our customers to swiftly react to change within their business environment.

This is why the largest forensic laboratory in the southern hemisphere uses the Forensic Case Management System. The Forensic business is fast moving, changing all the time, and covers immense diversity or scope in operations. It is subject to extreme scrutiny.

Stiearc's reputation to handle the most demanding software challenges led to the development of one of the most flexible and high performing payroll solutions available today.

Some of Australia's largest banks track their Securitised Loan Packets or Mortgage Documents using our 'trackdown' systems. We have been able to keep up with them as they have faced the pressing need to constantly improve their efficiency and responsiveness to their customers.

Stiearc is keen to demonstrate how its business software solutions confer competitive advantage to any new customer. We are even more interested in ensuring our existing customers receive a continuing return on their investment.

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